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Insightful strategies to improve folder and files management for any project.

Feb 01, 2019 · 2 minutes
Insightful strategies to improve folder and files management for any project.

While working with any sorts of the project we ended up creating a lot of files and folder. Some files are important for us and others are just a reference for our project. Moreover, we download a lot of files just to make a rough idea for our work and reference. Sooner or later we collected so many files that the folder become hard to navigate and time-consuming to locate which reduce our focus toward our work. So proper tracking of file and document are really important for productivity.

In this post, I have collected my way of managing file documents and directory so that we can keep track of important files and remove all unwanted files and folder without losing important stuff.

Here are the steps to take:

You can quickly go thought these step and make some arrangement in you current project folder to manage them.

  • Step:1 Understanding Folder Structure Inside Any Project
  • Step:2 Folder and there uses
  • Step:3 Clearing Up


The Folder Structure Inside Any Project

Firstly, Create a folder inside your project directory. Their functions are straight forward as their name is.

 |-Working Folder
 |----- Archive
 |----- Important
 |----- Frequently Used
 |----- Junk
 |----- rest....


Folders and there uses

Root Folder

Rest of the file that you keep creating or downloading.

Archive: This folder is a collection of file and directory which might be used or will never be used in future

Frequently Used: All the files and references that we need to look frequently working can live inside this folder.

Important: All your important files for the project will remain here. This will be your core folder for the project. You can move the files inside this folder when a chunk of work is completed or work that is in progress.

Junk:  All the files and directory you dont need more will live here. You are going to move these files to the trash in a month or week but want to keep them because you are still working.

The life Cycle

You keep creating ultimate files in the root folder. Files that you need frequently live in Frequent folder. The archive folder is for the limited number of files in the root folder so that the folder structure remains clean. If you mistakenly download then you can drag files/folder to junk.

This structure can be set up in your Document, Download, Video folder and many more so that you can focus on what matters.

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