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Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses

Dec 13, 2020 · 6 minutes
Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses

Email marketing is a procedure for transmitting information using email. It can be sent as a single email to individual customers or bulk emails for groups. In other words, it is the strategy of using email to broaden the service or products of the corporation. They are also used for building and maintaining a healthy connection with the clients. This also includes sending advertisements, promoting brands, requesting sales or donations, and many more. 

13 Best Email Marketing Softwares

Email marketing is one of the best inexpensive marketing strategies for fresh and small business firms. Because email marketing is simple to organize, provides you with entire control, and helps to have a healthy and steady relationship with the clients. Some of the best and popular email marketing software are detailed below. They are:

1. PeppyBiz

It offers pocket-friendly software and inexpensive software. It has numerous benefits like client support, schedule management, and CRM email marketing. PeppyBiz offers active software solutions and a variety of email marketing strategies. This software offers a good package for startup companies. Calendar views, Gantt tasks, quick chats, and mergers are also some of the features offered by PeppyBiz. It has multi factors such as email marketing CRM, list management, and sales and marketing hub. As of now, many companies and enterprises are loyal to this software. As of now, it has approximately 12,000 plus consumer companies around the globe

2. MailChimp


Their software is one of the famous email marketing software. For daily activities, this software sends around 1 billion emails per day. The support for clients is provided using knowledgebase, live chat, and many more. Their software is available for free. The free trial plan has a maximum limit of 12,000 emails for 1 month and customers up to 2,000. Some of the key features are transactional emails, auto sensors, and analytics. It has great and vast integration with third-party apps.

3. Drip


Drip is the best eCommerce email marketing software tool. It is suitable for bloggers, e-commerce websites, and digital marketers. Some of the features are split testing, visual builder, tiny interactions, and many more. This software is good and best for delivering bulk emails. It provides support to consumers by using various support systems. They are automation actions, tutorials, live chat, guides, and webinars. 

4. Sendinblue


Sendinblue software is one of the popular SMS marketing and email marketing software. One of the best features of this software is they offer a drag and drop email designer. It has powerful marketing automation tools, email marketing, messages, SMTP bulk emails, and many more. They also offer a free trial of its software. The remarkable thing is limitless users can use this, which means it has no limit or restrictions. 

5. Litmus


This is a great universal tool. Litmus operates on various devices and gadgets such as desktop, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and a few more. This software has various features related to emails. They are rendering, testing, and tracing the emails. It has the ability to check around 40 consumers with a single click. Litmus software is free for users up to a week or 7 days.

6. Constant Contact.


This software also has few for email marketing. Constant contact software is suitable for small enterprises and new bloggers. Some of the features offered by constant contact software include tracking options, integrations, sharing tools, reporting, and many more. One of the best features of the software is the subscribers are divided into groups like customized, curious in certain topics, always active, non-active, and many more. Their software is given for free for a period of 2 months or 60 days. 

7. Optinmonster


This is open-source software. Optinmonster email marketing software is ranked number one as the most powerful conversion toolkit around the world. Optin Monster has 1million+ customers. Some of the features offered by this software are exit-intent technology, targeting, wheel options, and a few more. It also has the best solutions for email marketing and seamless integration tools. 

8. AWeber


AWeber software is suitable for small, tiny business firms, and medium companies. Email tracking, canned templates, interactions, and auto sensors are some of the best features of this software. Support is provided using webinars, live chat, phone support, and several tutorials. Aweber has a free trial option of its software that is open only up to a maximum of 500 clients. 

9. MailerLite


It has inbuilt CRM software. Landing pages, campaigns, automation tools, maps, and editors are some features of this software. They offer 24×7 support to customers using emails, videos, tutorials, knowledge management software, guides, and a few more. Mailerlite software provides the customers or companies with a drag-and-drop editor and builder. They also offer their software for free for a specific period. This plan is free up to 1,000 users with a limit of 12,000 emails for one month. 

10 ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign is suitable for small companies, and tiny business firms. Some of the features of active campaign software are lead scoring, segmentation, A/B splits, and many more. This software has 90,000+ companies using its software. It also possesses some of the best solutions for inbuilt CRM management tools and visual builder automation tools. ActiveCampaign software is very flexible for use and comes with an affordable package. They have more than 350+ integrations with other third-party apps. 

11. Moosend


This is a cloud-based email marketing software. Moosend software is good and suitable for freshers. It serves as the home to powerful AI solutions. Some of the features are tracking, landing page, analytics, dynamic content, email newsletter and many more. They give its software with a discount of 25% for non-profit groups and companies.  

12. Hubspot


HubSpot has been active since 2006 and is increasing its customers rapidly. Through Hubspot CMS one can easily design a post with internal teams, using pictures and videos, can create drafts, and many more. It also has the option of enrolling the customer contacts in a series. This software has many solutions for email marketing, marketing, and sales hub. As for now, Hubspot Help Desk software is home to around  68,800 customers based in 100 plus countries.

13. GetResponse


GetResponse has a 30-day free trial and also one of the famous email marketing services. It offers several automation tools, drag and drop builder, landing pages, unsubscribers tracking, and many more. With the help of their software, you can easily build segment contacts, send customized emails for certain groups, create email campaigns, and the list goes on. GetResponse supports integrations with other third-party apps. 


Presently, in the market, there are many email marketing software. The companies that utilize this software saw an increase of high ROI, and also email marketing has the best conversion rate and also email read rate. So, you will be missing a lot of opportunities for gaining profit if you didn’t use any email marketing software. So, prefer the software that fulfills your requirements.

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