You tube channel for developer in 2019

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You tube channel for developer in 2019

Here are the list you tube channel that every developer should watch in 2019.

GOTO Conferences

This channel collect talk presented in conference by different developer. The cover video about software architecture, micro-services and etc. popular devoxx conference.


Dockerrun channel collect video releated to docker. If you are looking for skill set in server side or containerization. Then this is site to get a depth knowledge of docker.


This channel const of popular devoxx conference.


vJug is for java developer. This channel is great place for attend and different online meeting and discussion in regular basic.


NightHacking is place to find the quick and short video interview for the developer


If you use the Jet Brains product then this is the best place to hang around for being more productive in Jet brain Product.

Amazon Web Services

This channel collect the video related to Amazon product and service. Amazon also has there own training and video in there official site. Don’t forget to visit amazon site.

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