Guest Blogging Opportunity

As the number of requests has gone up, we now have a separate guest blog section. We have maintained certain rules for accepting the guest blog.

Content & it's quality.

1. Well written piece of a content is needed.
Here is what we consider a well written:
  • Usually we look for authors who write content that is at least 1,000 words, if not 2,000.
  • The content must be detailed and unique.
  • Make sure you believe in the post because if you don’t, your readers won’t.
  • The content has to fit in with our blog theme.
  • Link building might be one reason for blogging, but it should not be the sole purpose.
  • Any linked content on the blog should not be pointing to scam or and pissing web content.
2. We are picky about content.

The content needs to be great! we have set strict standards from day one, so our blog won’t be inconsistently.

After publishing.

  1. After publishing the content, author don't have any permission to unpublished it, but can make a request.
  2. If you want to remove a published blog, you can make a request, but based on you reason, we make a decision which will be final.

What is our blog theme?

We are not bound to any theme and respect the content that is worth reading still we have some of the preferred areas where we want to focus. We have a small list of preferred are below:
  • Programming
  • Software Project
  • Management
  • Personal experience

What we expect for author?

  1. Authors can help us by contributing and supporting our communityli>
  2. Any comment made by authors and visitors needs to address our comment policy.
  3. We recommend you to email the guest article from your official email. For example [email protected] If you don't have a website or domain email you can use an email provider such as Gmail, Outlook, etc. We don't accept any content from temporary email services.

What you should expect from us ?

  1. We can make a minor adjustment to your content if it contains spelling and grammar error.
  2. If we want to make a significant improvement, we will let you know by email.
  3. Mostly, we always try our best on publishing content which matches our polices. If your article is turned down for some reason, we suggest you make reasonable significant changes for reconsideration.
  4. Based on the volume of requests, we might or might not email you about our decision. We always try our best to reply to every single one. But you can always check out the website and search for your article in any case.
  5. Content with too many misleading links will be declined.
As seen as a trend, most people do guest blogging for a backlink. We are happy to provide you a backlink to support the author who respects our policies.

What should be included in an email for a guest post?

  1. A good length content.
  2. A cover images for the blog. [With source if not yours.]
  3. A short bio about the author. Not more than 200 characters.
  4. Author profile images.
  5. Twitter handle if possible.

Details on where to send an email?

[email protected]