How to Repair Corrupt MP4 Video Files

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How to Repair Corrupt MP4 Video Files

‘I have a couple of MP4 video**s shot with DSLR camera but they are not playing correctly on computer. The video screen is green but the audio plays fine. How can I make them playable again?’

Are you facing similar or any of the below problems in your MP4 videos? 

  • Truncated, jerky or have no visual at all.
  • Video screen turns green or black, with only audio playing.
  • No audio in video or out of sync audio.
  • Gives errors like ‘video file cannot play’ or ‘video file is corrupt and unreadable**’ etc.
  • Other playback issues.

If yes, your MP4 videos are probably corrupt and need a repair solution. 

How to repair corrupt MP4 videos 

Like any other video file, MP4 videos can get corrupt due to improper transfer, abrupt system shutdown while playing, editing or saving video file, virus infection, OS crash etc. As a result your videos may turn corrupt, damaged, and inaccessible, show errors, and have no sound and other audio/visual problems.

However, you can repair corrupt MP4 videos, regardless of the corruption cause. Use a professional video repair software that supports MP4 video file formats and is advanced enough to fix corrupt or damaged header, sound section, slider movement and other issues in a video. 

Methods to Repair Corrupt MP4 Videos

  1. Repair MP4 videos by using VLC Media Player
  2. Repair by using a professional video repair software

**Your MP4 video file may NOT be corrupt!Your MP4 video file may NOT be corrupt!**

Not playing MP4 video doesn’t always mean the file is damaged or corrupt. The problem could be due to absence of compatible audio/video codec. Try the below workarounds to play MP4 videos before you get on a video repair software:

  1. Play MP4 video in another media player such as VLC Media Player, KM Player, 5K Player, and Pot Player.
  2. Convert MP4 file to MOV, AVI or other video format. Use online video converters for the purpose.

Download K-Lite video codec pack that helps to play almost any video

1. Repair MP4 videos by using VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player can repair minor corruptions in video files. Since its built-in video repair feature is for AVI video format, first rename MP4 file extension to AVI and then follow the steps to repair corrupt video.

To rename your .MP4 file, right-click on it, select Rename and change the extension to .AVI.

Steps to repair corrupt video using VLC Media Player 

  • Open the corrupt AVI video that you converted from MP4 in VLC Media Player.
  • Click Tools > Preference.

  • Go to **Input & Codecs > Damaged or incomplete AVI file.**


  • Select **always fix** in the dropdown.
  • Click **Save.**
  • Now try to play the repaired video file.

**2. Repair by Using a Professional Video Repair Software**

Unlike open source VLC Media Player, a professional video repair software such as **Stellar Repair for Video** has advanced repair engine that ensures all sorts of video issues are fixed. You can repair severely corrupt MP4 videos that are choppy, truncated, show green screen, out-of-sync audio etc. The software can repair corrupt full HD 4K high quality videos as well. The video repair software is fast and easy to use. You can repair more than one MP4 video files at one go.

**Steps to repair corrupt MP4 videos**

  • Launch Stellar Repair for Video.
  • Click **Add file** to add corrupt MP4 videos.
  • Click **Repair **to begin repair process.

Once the MP 4 files are repaired, preview them and click **Save.**



Irrespective of cause of video corruption, you can repair and play you MP4 videos flawlessly again with the help of a MP4 video repair software. You may use free VLC Media Player that has a video repair feature. If it isn’t helpful, download a professional video repair tool —**Stellar Repair for Video**. The software is 100% secure and efficient to fix severely corrupt MP4 video files.

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