OS X keyboard shortcuts for newbie programmer

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OS X keyboard shortcuts for newbie programmer

It’s been a while you started programming or you are just new to the programming world, memorizing frequently used shortcuts will help speed up. These keyboard shortcuts will help you along the way. Most of the IDE , all text editor, web browser etc will supports these keyboard shortcuts. These keyboard shortcuts will also work on Windows (replace CMD with CTRL).

Jump Over Words

ALT + Left/Right

Go to end of line

CMD + Right

Go to beginning of line

CMD + Left

Go to the top of a file

CMD + Up

Go to the bottom of a file

CMD + Down

Select by Word

SHIFT + ALT + Left/Right

Select the rest of a line from current cursor

SHIFT + CMD + Left/Right

Select everything above/below the current cursor

SHIFT + CMD + Up/Down

Mohan pd.

Mohan pd.

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