Comprehensive Python Cheat Sheet for Types | Coders Blog

Here are the Comprehensive cheat sheets for python.

How to run meteor in windows and Ubuntu using vagrant?

Here are the steps for running meteor in windows and Ubuntu using vagrant.

How to create alias to MAMP's PHP installation

In linux and MacOS X we can create an alias for our bash profile. Fire up the terminal, open a .bash_profile from root using following command. ``` shell nano ~/.bash_profile...

Making system alert sound via Electron app

Electron export shell modules which help developers to interact with a desktop environment. Shell functions are available in both Main and Renderer processes but it is recommended to use it...

Useful git commands to become git quickie

How to fix the last commit I made? Make your corrections and stage them with git add, then: $ git commit --amend Add -a to automatically stage all changes to...