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Understanding logo files format.

If you work with logo and looking for logo for you company the you must store the logo format in vector files. Vector base file system can scale you log...

Principles of Object Oriented Programming

Here are the quick short notes to remember object oriented programming.

Enabling Hardware accelerated video decoding or GPU activity in electron app for Linux.

As chrome or chromium browser does not support hardware accelerated video decoding for Linux OS. Though there is a pending PR in chromium repository to merge but google has no...

How to run any process on single core or set CPU affinity in Linux.

Linux user can set or retrieve a process’s CPU affinity from terminal. If you want to limit some process/program to only user single or more core then taskset can do...

Best way to get the current date and time in JavaScript.

If you are working with date and times then here are the best way to get dates and time with JS.

Best way to get the full URL or query string of current page in JavaScript.

Handling URL in javascript can be easy if you know following methods.

Best way to check if an element is hidden or visible in JavaScript

If you are having hard time to figure out if element in hidden in Dom then here are the best way to check if an element is hidden or visible...

What is web workers & it's implements in JavaScript?

Web workers is API in JavaScript which enables JavaScript code to run on background. In simple word, it is a piece of code which will execute in background as separate...

Interesting Project based upon ReactJS.

As react js is trending there are lots of project build upon this library.React JS is famous for its performance and declarative nature. Different project are being built with react...

What skills makes a good front-end developer 2019?

A good front end developer should focus on fundamentals of functional and object oriented programming because they are not going away. JavaScript framework and library rise and fall in very...

Best way to check if a string contains a specific word or substring in JavaScript

Here are the methods available in js to find substring and word.

Best way to redirect to another webpage in JavaScript.

Here are the best way to redirect to another page using javascript.