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Interesting Project based upon ReactJS.

As react js is trending there are lots of project build upon this library.React JS is famous for its performance and declarative nature. Different project are being built with react...

What skills makes a good front-end developer 2019?

A good front end developer should focus on fundamentals of functional and object oriented programming because they are not going away. JavaScript framework and library rise and fall in very...

Best way to check if a string contains a specific word or substring in JavaScript

Here are the methods available in js to find substring and word.

Best way to redirect to another webpage in JavaScript.

Here are the best way to redirect to another page using javascript.

You tube channel for developer in 2019

Here are the list you tube channel that every developer should watch in 2019.

Auto play video in electron app with sound using HTML 5 video element

Chrome restrict webpage to auto play video with sound. As electron app use chrome behind the scene this restriction does apply to electron app. But electron app is used to...

Simple http server for file sharing in same network.

If you have multiple devices and constantly need to share files between the devices then its quite hassle to find thumb drive. Using simple http server you can excess/transfer your...

Conceptual Video For JS Developer (Must Watch)

If you are new to JS or beginner then here are the list of video you should watch before learning ant framework.

Insightful strategies to improve folder and files management for any project.

While working with any sorts of the project we ended up creating a lot of files and folder. Some files are important for us and others are just a reference...

Quick Cheat Sheet For MySQL

If you are learning MySQL and frequently need to view a guide as a refrerence for the syntax then these quick command will help you.

Basic syntax for markdown.

If you are looking for the formating guide visit here

Better Readme Format For Your Open Source Project

If you want an extensible Markdown guide for the open source project then you might want used these templates. Better Readme Format For Your Open Source Project If you want...