List of Awesome Javascript Project Idea

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List of Awesome Javascript Project Idea

Here is the collection of a simple and practical project in Javascript. As we know Javascript is mainly used for building interactive UI. We have listed the project related to the user interface.

To-Do List Using Vanilla Javascript.

Although the project will be very simple. It might be helpful as well as challenging for a beginner who wants to polish the knowledge in javascript.

Drag and Drop List

Cross-browser drag and drop list will be a great project. It might even release as a package in NPM registry. Although it might sound very simple one, we can add awesome features animation and effect.

React Native mobile app.

Using the knowledge of Javascript and React we can build an interactive mobile. If you are looking for a serious project then I suggest using Expo wrapper and Firebase with React native.

React Meteor Real-Time Web application.

Meteor framework is a very good platform for building a real-time application. If you are looking for an academic project where you are dealing with real-time data from monitoring tool then I suggest you check this framework.

Build React JS Open Source Component.

If you are familiar with ReactJS then you can write ReactJS component and package as NPM modules. There are many components like date picker, drop down, slider, etc. Also, you can write react implementation of an already existing library.

ElectronJS based desktop app.

You can build a cross-platform desktop application which might actually be a very good project. Some example are: ebook reader, project management tool, simple expense tracking app. Electron app uses JavaScript and NodeJS.

Here are other:

  • Real-time feed of tweets about a subject of your choice
  • Scrape a page through your console and get info easily without having to copy, paste, and format each thing by hand (great for research)
  • Text-to-speech
  • Gif search, video search, etc
  • Something with maps (like a store locator)
  • Unit conversion calculator
  • Autocorrect text box.
  • Form validator.
  • Collapsible navigation menu.
  • Countdown clock.
  • Modal dialog box.
Mohan pd.

Mohan pd.

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