Ideal way to spend your 20's

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Ideal way to spend your 20's


This will perhaps be one of the most recommended thing-to-do even when this question says 40,50, or 60. Its really a not that good to see folks from schools and colleges with huge bellies and low stamina. Come on, if this is your condition at 20, imagine what will happen in the future?!

So, stop being lazy and eating popcorn on your couch and dreaming about someday I will look hot as Brad Pitt or beautiful and sexy as Angelina Jolie and start working out.

If you don’t exercise, your muscles will become flabby and weak. Your heart and lungs won’t function efficiently. And your joints will be stiff and easily injured. Inactivity is as much of a health risk as smoking!


What’s sitting at the root of so much that we do wrong in this world? Prejudice, ignorance, and bigotry.

How does this state of mind manifest in us? By being insular, lacking empathy, allowing ourselves to be only familiar with our little corner of the world.

An antidote? Travel.

And then there are all those incredibly daring & adventurous things people do when they’re traveling. It’s the ultimate vagabond experience. It’s the feeling of adrenaline rushing through one’s veins that sprouts from absolute liberation. We travel because our life is defined by experiences.

Find your passion

“Your job, photoshop, singing, dancing, whistling, so that if the worst happens, and you get kicked out of your job and house and friends are done using you, you can still earn your livelihood by freelancing… (even whistling will do — you can roam on roads asking couples to dedicate songs to each other and they will pay you – tried and tested).” — Rohit Mishra

It’s a choice. It’s a learnable skill. Most people are talking about finding your passion, leaning forward to your true calling, and do only what you love. Why don’t we learn to love what we do? We could put a little more effort into what we are doing, acknowledge our strength, and strive to improve by a little every day. Doing what we love and loving what we do are different.

Master a skill

The 20s is the time where we can’t settle for anything. But one key of success in life is the ability of delayed gratification. Yes, you want to do what is cool, you want to make money fast, you want to be the guy who knows everything, but you will suffer if you do that in your 20s. Instead, stick to something, never dabble, opt for mastery.

Learn how to code

“Learning to code is one of the most important skills any 24-year-old should acquire. It goes for people who have nothing to do with technology. In fact, the younger generation is already mastering technology better than us adults and learning coding in days. Kids nowadays have tablets, smartphones and other tech gadgets. Learning to code is an important tool that can be used for future development of a person. Everybody knows how to read and write and so they should know to code as well.” — Maria Antsuk

Invest in personal growth

“Don’t watch TV and stop fooling around, read as many books as you can, go to seminars. Always increase your value, because we get paid about our value, what we bring to the marketplace. So if you become more valuable then … exactly, you get more paid.” — Janis Butevics, 23-year-old Entrepreneur & Author, Creator of Awake or Be Slaved

Create a vision for yourself and set goals that are aligned with the vision. The next step is to take action that contributes to achieving your goals. As 90% of our daily activities consist of our habits, learning how to cultivate successful habits in your 20s is crucial. Get good at identifying bad habits (remove them) and good habits (cultivate them), and always practice consistency in everything you do.

Turn off your phone completely for sometime - Watch a sunrise with friends. Talk about life while watching the stars. Really listen to people when they open up to you. Be silly and laugh until your stomach hurts. One of the most valuable gifts you can give to another person is your undivided attention.

Learn to network

Making a valuable connection with people is an extremely important skill and need in this world that’s moving quickly towards an online communication platform. It’s a great way to find jobs, friends, love, and business opportunities. This becomes even more important as old friends move on with family commitments of their own. The Chinese call this “Guanxi”,I call it networking with more meaning than gaining out of it for you alone.

Read a lot of books

From time to time people have wondered why reading is important. There seems so many other things to do with one’s time. Reading is important for a variety of reasons. We will look at some of those fundamental reasons below, but it is important to realize that struggling with vital reading skills is not a sign of low intelligence.

Reading is literally picking the brain of the author. You’re gaining a new insight or idea that probably took the author 20 years to figure out, in 20 minutes. Read as much as you can in your 20s, and implement those lessons in your real life.

Take risks and make tons of mistakes

What better time to make mistakes when not only you generally have fewer commitments but…you also have more time ahead of you to benefit from your lessons?

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes in work, love, business, friendship, sport, and any area that is important to you. Just don’t forget to learn from them.

If you’re not living on the edge, you’re occupying too much space. Risks help you grow and learn which is not experienced in a cocoon of “safety”.

Risk makes us feel alive. Life without risk is life stuck in a rut. If you feel like your job or life is getting boring and monotonous, then you’re not taking enough risk. The fact is we’re built to take risk.

Mohan pd.

Mohan pd.

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