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Why new programmer or beginner should write a blog

Why new programmer or beginner should write a blog

As a programmer, or beginner in coding you are in the process of continuous learning. In day to day life, we solves a lot of problems and google often to find the solutions. In my experiences, we should make a habit of writing and making note of this different problems and solutions. These note will be very helpful to fellow developer and beginner’s if you make them available anywhere on the internet or write a blog about it.

Blog keep track of your learning as knowledge base.

The habit of writing blog whenever you learn new thing will help you to revise learning. Similarly, I find it will help you to collect your learning as a database specially if you are using same platform to write a blog. Furthermore, it will act as knowledge base and some time, even you might need to refer you blog.

Improve you writing skill.

Writing blog will help you improve you skill and specially for new programmer. It is very important to improve writing skill. As a programmer, we often deal with syntax and auto complete. I often use to have communication problems. But, I think blogging is helping me to overcome communication gaps.

Build Network

Writing a resourceful blog will help programmer to build a network. Mostly, blog written by any programmers are refer by some other programers and you get a chance to get feedback from them as well as chance to improve your coding style.

Support Your Network

On a basic level, showing how you solved a programming problem is a great way for your fellow coders to solve it too. Step-by-step, at the same level of skill. If you dive a bit deeper, you’ll find the effects far more positive than that. As we mentioned before, coding can involve late nights and tiring testing – if you can’t solve a problem it’s quite easy to grow disheartened.

Contextualizing Your Learning Experience

Learning to code can be draining whether you’re learning online or working full-time in class. There’s little time for anything other than coding. Late nights spent scrutinising exception messages, endless streams of coffee with eyes redder than the Terminators – this all seems standard when you’re in the thick of it. Writing a blog about your experience is a good way of contextualizing where you are and figure out how far you’ve come.

Easily Impress Employers

Think about it! When you’re writing your CV, you detail your accomplishments from job to job, academia to academia. Your blog is just a more detailed timeline. “In January 2017, I helped Company X achieve an 80% increase on Y using Z,” is a clear metric for most. Understanding the DOM and its application to web development isn’t always as clear cut. With a blog, potential employers can get a feel for what kind of developer you are, and your cultural fit. They can also see your personal story, how you interact with others and that you’re keen to be part of a community.

In this site also, we love to feature a resourceful blog from programmer, if you love to share you experience please visit the guest blogging section.

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