Are you using Kanban board or any other digital board for tracking your task and its progress? If not you should give it a try. Trello is free for personal use. These boards are specially used for the software development process for tracking progress on specifics features and task. But beyond software, it can be used for personal as well as any sort of tracking too. In this post, I am going to share some productive trick that works for me.

Use proper columns to reflect the status.

Always make sure that you have enough columns which exactly state the progress of the task. Here are the sample colums:

  1. Todo
  2. Plan
  3. Ready
  4. Doing
  5. Done
  6. Test
  7. Deploy
  8. Done

Use label to categories the type of task. Here are some example of labels.

  1. specs: specification of some feature
  2. feature: implementation of the feature
  3. task: general task
  4. bug: bug fixes

Work in Progress limitation

While working with multiple teams, columns might be overcrowded. Depending on the team and their size it is always good to limit the number of task in the columns. Otherwise, it will be hard to track all the task. For example, you might restrict the load the task certain column if there are already abundant cards.