The digital world has brought a lot of opportunities for individuals and businesses. It has built bridges and provided solutions to problems. Now, it became an important aspect of all businesses marketing strategies.

The online world has been one of the businesses’ ways to promote their product or their brand. It has reached thousands or possibly millions of customers all around the globe. 

If you own a business  and haven’t built your online presence, then now is the right time to venture into this market. 

There are many ways to build an online presence, but this depends on what your business needs. Some companies get their hands on all of these digital marketing strategies while others only venture in one or two ways. 

It’s best if you first state your reason why you want to try online marketing.


Before knowing how to choose the best marketing strategy for your company, here are the different kinds of digital marketing strategies you need to know.


One of the most effective ways to increase conversion is to use Pay-per-click or Google Advertising. This form of digital marketing strategy is the most cost-effective paid advertisement technique.

You can use your PPC strategy alongside another marketing technique, SEO. Since, when trying out with PPC, you need to bid on a keyword. This keyword will be the basis when your product or brand appears on top of Google’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

PPC works in such a manner that when someone used a keyword you bid on, Google will immediately show your brand on the top of their page. When the user clicks your ad, you have to pay Google for it. 

The advantage of this marketing strategy is that it brings a higher percentage of potential customers to your website. In addition to this, you get to increase or boost your website’s SEO too.

The ROI of PPC is with every $1 invested, an average of $2 returns.


A lot of people research in search engine, even when buying a product. They choose to use a search engine before engaging in social media because Google gives the exact answer they need.

For your business to get noticed on search engines, you have to work on your SEO strategy. SEO allows businesses or websites to be on Google’s top SERP. If this happens, your website is more like going to be noticed or discovered.

It is also important to know that SEO is more than keywords. There are many factors you have to consider when you want your website to be on Google’s first page. Other factors that affect a website’s SEO are Domain Authority, backlinks, mobile-friendly, and design of the site. 

Optimize your page now, and drive organic traffic to your site.


Social media is one of the most common and easiest ways to market a business. Everyone is on social media, and trying to reach out to potential customers makes it easy.

There are many platforms a business can choose from to market its brand. Some can utilize most of these platforms, while others can use a few of them. You don’t need to make accounts for your business on all social media. You only have to choose the right platform that will bring you more engagement.

Social media will drive awareness and conversion to your brand. It will also increase your website’s traffic, as people spend most of their time on social media. 

You can also build your brand’s reputation using social media platforms and make people see the people behind the brand. This marketing technique is where businesses can showcase what their business is all about and create promotional and informative content.

Different platforms to try for your business:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat 
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest 
  • Instagram


Content marketing simply means providing your readers or visitors with content that is more informational than one that is promotional. Although some content may have promotional campaigns on it.

It can come in any format like a blog post, infographics, video, and more. Providing great content will not only lead to an increase in conversion rate, but it will also help in your SEO strategy.

Many marketing experts use content marketing as part of their strategy because it helps grow a business, as many readers prefer a brand that has something to offer more than their products.


Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing strategy. The purpose of this marketing technique is to encourage your previous customers to keep returning to your brand. But, it doesn’t only stop there. Email marketing also brings in new potential customers for the business.

This form of digital marketing focuses on more personalized content. It could be newsletters, news, a coupon, or announcements from your company. It can also remind users about your brand even though they are not about to buy a product from you.

In every dollar of investment in email marketing, you get a return of $44. Hence, businesses use this as part of their strategy.


As many people use mobile devices than their desktops, voice searches become a trend. Google mentions than 20% of all their searches are voice search. Therefore, companies must use this when considering a marketing strategy.

When a website is voice-search optimized, it could add to its SEO score. Furthermore, this allows content to be on Google’s Featured Snippet.

When you get featured by Google on its zero position, there is an increase in visibility. You can turn these visitors into paying customers.

Often questions people ask in voice searches are “How” and “What.”


Now that you know the different marketing strategies you can try for your business, here are simple ways you can consider when choosing a strategy.


Setting your goals will help you easily determine what technique you can use for your business. It’s not recommended for a business to get into all of these marketing strategies if it does not apply to their company’s goal.

  • If you want to raise awareness for your brand, you can get into social media marketing and email marketing. These are two marketing strategies that can raise awareness or promote a brand’s name.
  • If you want to educate customers, particularly about the use of your products, it’s best to use content marketing to promote the use of a product.
  • If traffic is your main goal, then focusing on building your SEO, PPC, and voice search can help. Content marketing can also play a role in this goal.


Some marketing strategies require some amount of money for it to gain results. Therefore, as a business owner, you have to know how much money you can pull out for your marketing strategies.

Also, you must remember that you’ll not only be paying the advertisements but also the people behind the creation of these ads, like writers, graphic designers, web developers, photographers, and more.




Use the available talents you have as much as possible. If you have a budget for hiring an expert, then it’s better to do so. However, if you only have limited resources, using what you have still can help you come up with great content.


There are a lot of options you can choose from to market your business. You only have to take advantage of this digital world and use it to the fullest to make your brand recognizable to the publics’ eye.

Find out what and why you want to market your brand and slowly come up with content that will make your strategy work.