A good front end developer should focus on fundamentals of functional and object oriented programming because they are not going away. JavaScript framework and library rise and fall in very short amount of time. Lets not care, if it is flash, meteor, backbone, ember, angular, vue, react. They will end.

Foundational Knowledge

So lets start's with core and foundation you should have before you dive straight to a framework or library like angular, react or vue . Knowing following technology will help you build foundation for you.

  1. Command line
  2. You will use command line mostly to install libraries and some system tweaks.

  3. HTML5, CSS 3
  4. They let us style HTML using CSS and improve their appearance or animate them.

  5. REST
  6. REST, or Represential State Transfer is another way of implementing a Web Service. It is the ideology of everything is a resource. Every resource is identified by a unique uniform resource indicator (URI).

  7. Web server programming
  8. Web Server programming is any programming on the server-side. A basic example of this typically involves making a HTTP request to the server, to then return some content to the user interface. Think about it as if all the action happens in the background.

  9. Version control
  10. We use version control systems for better managing shared code and maintain history of changes.

  11. Developer tools
  12. developer tools helps to find bugs and check how the things are working in the live environment.

Then, front-end framework in 2022 to land in a good job.


Almost every front-end development job out there requires at least a basic knowledge of ReactJS, be reactive and learn it… it’ll turbo-boost your chances of landing any front-end job (ugh… and playing table-tennis too).


Learning React alone is not enough, you’d be putting all your eggs in one basket. Vue (you, get it?) need to be versatile, you need to also learn Vue. Who knows, any of these companies could come knocking.You should also have some experience with any unix based OS and package managers such as Yarn or NPM.


GraphQL has gained massive popularity, acceptability and support over the years and knowing how to use it is a big plus anytime.


Webpack is a module bundler that saves you time and bandwidth and is best used in conjunction with task runners like Grunt/Gulp.

You should also have some experience with any unix based OS and package managers such as Yarn or NPM.